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Guided tours of Genoa and surroundings

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How to choose from the endless possible tours for visitors wishing to get to know Genoa?! I have tried to include those aspects of my city that I think curious visitors will find most interesting, dividing them into six different itineraries: multicultural Genoa, key landmarks in Genoa’s history, the symbols and legends of a glorious past, traditional artisan flavours, paths of remembrance, and the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. The cost of the tours varies depending on the duration and the number of participants. Please ask me for more details.

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Discover the spirit of Genoa

Espresso tour (short but intense!)

Bring the kids!

Did you say pesto?

The Sky over Staglieno

In and around Genoa

Tailor-made Tours


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There are endless possibilities – just let me know what you wish to do, and I will tailor a tour to your needs!

Online lessons and courses in Italian for foreigners

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The Italian language is much-loved throughout the world because it encapsulates the beauty and wealth of the country’s cultural heritage. Italian is the language of music and good food, and learning it requires commitment and energy, no less so than for other languages. Italian can be a useful language, whether for work, travel or research purposes.
In order to reach a good level of knowledge of the language in a reasonable space of time, it is essential to adopt a guided study plan, especially when work and family take up most of our time. Having obtained the certificate in teaching Italian as a Foreign Language (DITALS) at the University for Foreigners of Siena in 2001, I have been supporting small groups and individual students in their learning for two decades. I have recently specialised in e-learning, using today’s technology to organise tailor-made online courses and teaching activities for students worldwide.

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Online lessons and courses

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Please fill in this form to receive further information and to arrange the date and time of your free 30-minute trial lesson. I will contact you as soon as possible. Prices for my Italian lessons and courses vary according to the type of lesson or course you choose. I will provide further details when you contact me.

For urgent enquiries, please send a message to +39 3498091682. I will call you back as soon as possible.