Espresso tour (short but intense!):

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By foot

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All ages

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Anyone looking at Genoa should know, that you can only look at Genoa from the sea. (Ivano Fossati, Genoese singer)
Our tour begins in the Old Port, where we will turn our backs to the sea and observe the city to get a deeper understanding of its character. Next, we will walk through the historic centre to observe the exterior of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo. Our itinerary continues to Palazzo Ducale and Piazza de Ferrari, two unmissable landmarks on Genoa’s cityscape. Our last stop is Via Garibaldi, the 16th-century Strada Nuova with its row of noble residences known as the Palazzi dei Rolli. With its atmosphere of times gone by, this UNESCO heritage site provides an enchanting finale to our tour.

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